Hay Day Expansion Permits Cheats

Hay Day Expansion Permits Cheats

Diamonds and Coins HACK

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to show you all ways to have expansion permits in Hay Day. Sign to my canal and hit the notification bell for additional Hay Day cheats and cheats videos and live stream! And hit which like button!

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As your orders come in, you’ll see two figures toolear in the bottom – credits and stars. Coins are the money you’ll have for each order, and stars are the experience points you’ll have for completing which order.

Succeeding in Hay Day is as much about leveling up as it’s about producing credits, so look in those orders carefully. It may be worth your while to go together with an order which offers less cash but additional experience to assist you level up faster.
If you truly need diamonds, use Hay Day Cheats or Hay Day Expansion Permits Cheats.

Hello everybody! Welcome back to another Hay Day video!

In together with the video I am enlargeing my baby farm and talking about the land expansions!

I hope you guys enjoy together with the video!

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