Level Hay Day

Level Hay Day

Diamonds and Coins HACK

First Day in Hay Day Level 80 | Part 01 – Freedom Farm
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Hello, Just call me Yours. Freedom Farm is my lovely name representing my whole activities of my farm together without buying Diamond together with Coins. You will see my everyday uploading videos relate to Hay Day Stories in each level. Beside together with the, you will know how to play HayDay, How to make a lot of cash in HayDay, as well as how to decorate Hay Day farm. If you have any questions, you’ll be able to ask me, I will use ma best to answer all questions relate to HayDay. I do hope you will enjoys together with my video. Good Lucks
Thanks in advance
Freedom Farm Manager
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Visitors to your farm wish to buy your fantastics, but they typically don’t wish to pay a premium for them. So don’t be afraid to say no. They won’t take offense as well as they’ll come around again soon enough as soon as the mood strikes them.

About the merely exception I make is when I have a total glut on something, like chicken eggs, together with something I can make truly fast, like wheat.

This brings me to my next tip…
If you truly need diamonds, use Hay Day Cheats together with Level Hay Day.

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